Some Republicans and now the leader of the New Jersey state police officers union is criticizing President Obama for inviting socially conscious Hip-Hop/actor Common to last nights White House poetry celebration.  It's almost laughable that out of all Hip-Hop artists Common is being called a "Gangster Rapper".  Ok, it's hilarious.  LOL!!!!!!  Common?  Really?  With all the criticizing it looks like no one has bothered to do their homework, because Common couldn't be further from the vile, dangerous, gangster rapper he's being called.  By the way, Hip-Hop is poetry and Common is a true poet.

Common and Jill Scott were part of a big group of poets who took part in the annual event.  But David Jones, president of the New Jersey State Troopers Fraternal Association is saying that Common's presence sent a "Dangerous and deadly message to young people".

Mr. Jones used Commons track "A Song For Assata" from his album "Water For Chocolate" as his proof.  To give a little background, the song is about Assata Chesimard Shakur (Tupac's aunt), a Black Panther Party leader who was wounded in a shout-out with Jersey police  in the 70's that left one Panther and officer dead.

Assta Shakur was convicted of the killing during a controversial trial.  She escaped from prison in 1979 and fled to Cuba where she's lived in exile ever since.  Believe it or not the U.S. still has a million dollar bounty for her capture.

Unfortunately for Mr. Jones, Common's song doesn't glorify police killing.  Rather, the song is about how Assata Shukur was treated and, possibly, set up by the cops.

Meanwhile, White House spokesman Jim Carney defended Common's involvement in the President's poetry event, pointing out that Common's has created a lot of very positive music and participates in numerous community and youth programs.

Common's dangerous?  Please.