So R. Kelly Dropped His New Release today after the grammy nominated "Love Letter" and if you are die hard R. Kelly fan, then you will not be disappointed!Today was the day that R. Kelly fans all over were in line to either buy the new cd or downloaded it from I-Tunes, but "Write me back" did not disappoint. I had a chance to review and listen to the entire album and I can truly say that I was impressed. R. Kelly realized the the music world was becoming saturated with clones and watered downs sounds that he basically created and like he always does, he changed the game again. Some of my personal favorites are "Feelin Single", "When A Man Lies", "Green Light" and of course the single "Share My Love". The concept of "Love Letter" is about the same although this time, he did more of  the dance disco era. You can hear a little Isles, Barry White and even a little Smokey when listening to this cd. Although I missed some of the 12 Play sound and what I call the original Kelly, I am highly satisfied with where he is taking R&B Music. If you are a fan past or new, you should most definately go and get this release and sit back and just let it play!

R. Kelly -"Share My Love"