The rapper that rose to fame after releasing his debut album Guerilla City (2004), his looking at some very serious time.  Guerilla Black was disappeared from the music world, just as fast as he entered it.

Guerilla Black-Youtube

Unfortunately, the rapper hasn't been working on making a comeback in his music absence.  Rather, he's been on the other side of the law and because of that, recently made the news. Guerilla Black and several associates were recently arrested on credit card fraud.  Tune in below and listen to Tha Wire for more details below.

Shawty Lo-facebook

Meanwhile in other news, Shawty Lo ain't goin out without a fight. As previously reported the D-4L rapper's up-coming show, is no longer going to air.  Oxygen caved into the pressure brought on by Atlanta author Sabrina Lamb and director Rashad Robinson and some 40,000 people.  Well, Shawty Lo's is giving up on his dreams of becoming the next reality star.  He's got some tricks up his sleeve.  Find out what he's up to below with Tha Wire.


Finally, Chief Keef has been in jail for the past couple of days.  A judge had him locked up Tuesday after ruling that the 17-year rap star had violated his probation.  Find out why Keef was on probation in the first place and how he got caught violating it.  Press play to hear all of today's juicy details with Tha Wire now.