Man what is this world coming to? Guerilla Black who around 2004 was actually in the process of making some things pop off in the music industry, but unfortunately his career didn't do what it was suppose to. Another thing that stood out about Black was that he sounded like Notorious B.I.G and in some ways actually looked like the east coast rapper. Well things have made an even worse turn for his career, check it out.

Recently Guerilla Black, whose legal name is Charles Williamson was caught up in a major credit card scam with 22  Court Indictments to his name. According to the U.S. Attorney's Office says Charles Williamson, 33, bought more than 27,000 stolen credit and debit card numbers. Williamson is accused of working with two other men who've already been indicted for hacking into computers at a restaurant in Seattle's Magnolia neighborhood and a restaurant supply company in Shoreline. He is currently in jail and awaiting further decisions. This is truly a sad thing to see an artist with major moves doing such big things and then losing it all within minutes. Check him out during better days in these hot videos.


Guerilla Black "Compton"


Guerilla Black "You're the one"