Legendary rapper Nas helped raise more than $40,000 for a family in DC who lost everything in a house fire.

Stanley Young is an unemployed construction worker and single father of eight (8) children, that were left homeless and living in a hotel after a fire destroyed their home in Washington D.C. The mother of Young's children died about a year ago, leaving the struggling father on his own to care for his large family.

After having to vacate the hotel they had been staying in for some time, the father of eight did everything he could possible to take care of his family, and then help came from the most unexpected place, rapper Nas.

According to report's, Nas’s manager saw a news story about the family and immediately sent the video to Nas, who is currently touring in Japan.

“As a single father I couldn’t help but feel for Stanley. He has my [utmost] respect as a man. It takes a real one to do whatever it takes to help his family,” said Nas in a statement via his publicist. “I want to help the Young family get a fresh start on life and I want the world to know that they can help make a difference if they stick together. We are learning an incredible lesson and Stanley is the teacher of that lesson. I cannot wait to meet them in person.”

Nas started a fundraising campaign to help the Young’s find housing. $47,063.89 had been donated when this story broke, some of which the rapper himself donated. The money raised in total was $50,000.