Slim Thug talks with CNN's Don Lemon about the term 'thug' and it's meaning. 

Don Lemon did a report about an Omaha, Nebraska toddler cursing his parents in a video. He brought up the subject of the 'thug cycle' and if the 'thug' term was a racist or not. H-Town rapper Slim Thug was a part of the discussion, and his images were also used during the CNN piece. Days later Slim was brought on the show to discuss with Don the meaning of the term.

After Slim Thug tweeted,

CNN who used Slim Thug's images during Lemon's discussion, was contacted and brought on the show to set the record straight.  And boy did he ever defy the general perception of the term 'thug.' Find out what Slim had to say in the above video.