As previously reported, Whitney Houston was honored last Sunday at the Billboard with the Millennium Award.  Her precious Bobbi Kristina and manager/sister-n-law Patricia Houston accepted the award and offered kind words to those that stuck by the Houston family through their time of mourning.

So, as you can imagine emotions were running high.  Unfortunately, there was a little tension in the audience as well.  Allegedly, it surrounded around Whitney's former boyfriend, Ray J.  Apparently, there was drama with him and member of Whitney's family.  Though the details are a little sketchy, a source close to Ray J. told reporters it was over seating.

The source told Access that Patricia Houston had her security ask Ray J to move, when they arrived at the show to find him seated next to the Houston family.  Just before Jordin Sparks’ tribute to Whitney, eight uniformed officers arrived on the scene.  Another words had Ray J. not moved, he would have been physically helped.

Allegedly, to keep a scene from erupting Patrica decided to back off.  Ray J stayed were he was, in second row.  However, there's two sides to every story.  The Houston fam is saying that never happened.  A rep for the family said of the reports, "That story is not true.  It’s ridiculous.  The Billboard people arranged seats and all was fine.” What's more, a rep for the Vegas Police Department, Billboard and MGM told Access they do not have a record of the incident and wasn't aware of any problems what so ever.

As far as Ray J. being hospitalized, according to reports it's looking like he was dealing with a combination of exhaustion and dehydration.  Prior to the Billboard Awards, he had just returned from a 32-hour round trip from China and turned around once he landed and drove an additional 4 hours to the show.

On Monday morning, a friend went into his room and found him "out of it".  They apparently couldn't get him out of bed and found Ray J. extremely disoriented.  They immediately called and ambulance, which then transported him to a hospital.  Ray J. is believed to still be hospitalized and theirs no word as to when he'll be released.