Ok, there's definitely two sides to this story.  Let Ray J tell it, he served Fab the business and punched him in the face straight up.    Let Fab tell it, Ray J pushed him and he pushed him back that's it.  However, they both agree on one thing and that's the fact that all this started from a tweet that showed up on twitter.

All the drama occurred at the Palms Casino in Vegas this weekend shortly after the Floyd Mayweather fight.  According to reports Ray J was physically removed from the casino and even kicked out of his room.  Listen to Tha Wire for all the details.

Swizz Beatz can't seem to keep himself out of the news these days.  Now comes word, he's got a love child.  He recently reached a deal with his 3 year old daughters mother after a paternity test proved he was the father.

Tha Wire is jam packed with drama today.  Press play and get the scoop: