Former B2K member Raz B has been living in China for the past three years.  Since he’s been there, he’s had two near death injuries.

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The singer has been living in China producing a mixtape, however being overseas has been bad for his health in more ways than one.  The very first year he go there he was injured in Shanghai when he tripped and fell through a glass door.   In that incident, Raz lost a near-fatal amount of blood from a deep slice in his wrist.   After receiving emergency attention and getting a little time to recover, the singer took to Twitter and said:

‘MAN…. Cherish life and your loved one’s.  You just never know.  THANK YOU LORD FOR SAVING MY LIFE.’

In a miraculous turn of events, a couple of weeks ago, he was seriously injured again.  The 28-year old is now out of his life-threatening coma and recuperating at a Chinese hospital after being hit in the head with a bottle.  According to reports, Raz B was assaulted with a glass bottle after trying to break up a fight inside a China nightclub.  He was rushed to a local hospital where doctors treated him for his cuts and a huge gash on his lip.

TMZ is reporting that the following day, a back-up dancer discovered Raz B unconscious and took him to the hospital again.  Doctors determined he was in a coma and placed him on a ventilator to help him breathe.  The singers Reps say it’s a miracle that he survived.  Currently, Raz B is in stable condition, breathing on his own, smiling and responding.  However, it’ll be a minute before he’s released as Doctors observe him for a few more days

Kanye West can breathe a sigh of relief.  The felony assault charges he faced for the tussle with a paparazzi cameramen at LAX have been dropped.   Last Friday (Aug. 16), the L.A. County district attorney’s office decided not to file charges against the rapper.  All the hoopla stems from a July 19 altercation at LAX when Yeezy tried to grab the camera of a paparazzi for taking pictures and teasing him. Here's a look at the confrontation.

It's no secret that Kanye has a short fuse, nobody knows that better than the paparazzi, so they push his buttons every chance they get.  After the brief scuffle the photographer was treated for minor injuries at Marina del Rey Hospital.  Deputy District Attorney Amy-Hannah Broersma said in her report that the felony assault charges would not be pursued because the victim did not sustain significant injuries.

Find out what happened next.  Listen to Tha Wire below

Pimp C and his mother WesMama-facebook

Finally, she’s gone but not forgotten.  The late Pimp C’s mother known to all of us as “Mama Wes” has died.  According to reports she’s was stricken with a sudden illness and passed away in Port Arthur hospital.

I had the pleasure of meeting her and we’ve had her in the studios here at 107 Jamz on several occasions, she was a very smart and feisty woman who’ll be sorely missed.  We here at 107 Jamz offer our deepest condolences to her family and friends.

Here’s an official statement from Bun:

Thanks to everyone that has sent prayers and condolences. She was a great woman. Nurture us from boys to men and made us strong enough to handle this industry. She was the one that kept us going when we didn’t wanna go anymore. She was the backbone of UGK, the definition of loyalty, the personification of unconditional love and the essence of what being Trill really meant. She’s finally reunited with her son. God bless you both. RIP Mama Wes. You gave everything to make us Underground Kings.


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