The clock is ticking.  Where are the 200+ missing Nigerian girls?  Why haven't they been found?  What is being done about it?  

(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Evil Militants herded little girls out of bed on April 14 at a school located in Chibok, Northern Nigeria.  Only a few escaped and have been sharing horrific tales of how they ran into a nearby forest to escape.  The unbelievable crime against humanity, disgustingly enough is and has been an on going thing.  It's just now....getting national attention.  CNN reports why the search for these little girls is so difficult:

About 11 U.S. Africa Command advisers are already in Nigeria, working with the Nigerian government.  Other nations like Britain, France and China are also providing assistance. In the meantime, the cowardly militants continue their reign of terror and so far have gone un-checked.

Bring Our Girls Back-Getty Images

Nigerian police have announced a reward of $310,000 will be given for information leading to the girls' rescue.  For now the United States is NOT planning on putting boots on the ground, but it hasn't been completely ruled out either.

In addition to the 11 U.S. Africa Command advisers, seven more members of the U.S. military are scheduled to arrive Friday.  France said today (May 8th) that it would send a "specialized team" to help and the British government is also sending a small team.  Keep your prayers going for these little girls and their families.