When you got money like Rick Ross, you don't have any issue paying bills right?  Wrong.  At least according to a celebrity jeweler, who filed suit against the Mayboch Music group leader for leaving behind a $90,000 tab.


A jewelry store in Texas has filed a lawsuit against Rock Ross.  TMZ reports, Johnny’s Custom Jewelry is accusing Rozay of failing to pay a $90 thousand dollar tab for three diamond Rolexes. The H-Town jeweler is looking for interest on that amount as well being that the watches were delivered a year ago in August.

Here's a photo of a bill that names Ross and Maybach Music Group as purchasers. The pic also shows a balance due for three different watches: $55,000 8K gold watch, a $14,000 8K gold watch, and a $14,000 two-tone watch.

Listen to Tha Wire below for details on the jeweler and what type of relationship Rozay had with King Johnny.


In other news, like her husband Beyonce has been in the lab working on new music and speaking of which, she just released a new track just in time for summer.  A bright love song called ‘Standing on the Sun.’ You may have already heard it, but just didn't realize it as the song was featured in the H&M commercial spots she’s featured in.

Bey sings, “I can’t deny your desire / Feel like I’m on fire,” the superstar sings on the Sia-penned number. “When you touch me, I feel a flame licking at my feet.”  Here's a look at Beyonce performing the song live.  Whatcha think?


Finally, after new broke that Will.i.am was suing Pharrell Williams over his “i am OTHER” creative brand, Will.I.am wants the world to know......it’s not true.  According to previous reports, the alleged lawsuit centered around Will.i.am’s copyright of  ”i.am”.  However, his lawyer Ken Hurtz recently released a statement in hopes of clearing the air.

In an email to Hip Hop Wired, Will’s attorney wrote:

"What will.i.am has done is what any trademark owner must do to protect and maintain a trademark."  He explained the so called "legal action" was not part of a lawsuit, but a "standard procedure" to object to Pharrell's application to register "i am OTHER" with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  ‘

This is how the process works. We own a trademark. They have applied for a trademark. We think their proposed trademark is too close to our registered and common law trademarks. They disagree … We hope to work out a sensible compromise that will allow both parties to move forward without unnecessary acrimony."

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