According to reports Rihanna blew off a few court depositions, but now a judge has had enough, and is fining her an amount that I wish my I could call my yearly salary.

Stuart Wilson/Getty Images

RiRi's fine's stem from from a lawsuit she filed against her accountants, saying "they didn't manage her money properly and have thus cost her millions." According to her accountants any problems with her bank balance are her own damn fault, (I added the "damn" in there, they didn't say all of that.) To prove it, they've tried to get the "Pour It Up" singer to "sit it down" for a deposition, but on several occasions she's been been a no-show, and it has cost them a boat load in legal fees.

Now Rihanna has to pay $47,050 in fines and was court-ordered to appear for a deposition on Aug. 28, or the case she filed against her accountants will be dismissed.

Hey Rihanna, yo bad...