A Barbados funeral home is suing Rih Rih claiming that the Pop diva failed to pay her grandmother, Clara "Dolly" Brathwaite's funeral bill. 


Though she was from Barbados, Rihanna’s grandmother was actually living in Brooklyn until she lost her battle with cancer last June.  After her death Rihanna had her grandmother’s body flown to Barbados where she arraigned an extravagant farewell ceremony and burial.  TMZ reports that the funeral home tab was a whopping $150,000, which included party tents and massive floral arrangements.

Find out how much the funeral home claims Rihanna paid and get the scoop on what her camp is saying about these accusations.  Listen to Tha Wire below.

In other news, did you know Snoop Lion has his own app?  Well, he does.  The way it works, you snap a photo and then decorate it with never-before-seen graphics and phrases of Snoop, ranging from classic Snoop Dogg to the Rasta-inspired Snoop Lion.  Here's Snoop giving a tutorial on how to navigate his new app.

By the way for $100 you can purchase a special Snoop Lion sticker called the ‘Golden Jay’ if you really wanna do it big.  Get more details on this new app below and listen to Tha Wire.


Finally, for over three weeks now protesters have occupied the state house demanding Governor Rick Scott call a special session of the state legislature to address concerns about the ‘Stand Your Ground law’ Yesterday, the ongoing sit-in protests at the Florida Capitol in Tallahassee continued.

The #TakeOverFL campaign is being led by an organization called the Dream Defenders.  The group as well as millions of Americans wants the ‘Stand Your Ground’ law repealed, racial profiling banned, and for state legislators to review zero tolerance policies in schools.

Legendary actor and civil right activists Harry Belafonte and Jesse Jackson have also traveled to the Capitol to support the cause.  So far efforts haven’t made much ground.  Gov. Scott met with some of the protesters on July 18th, but says he has no plans to change the legislature and has publicly supported the ‘Stand Your Ground’ law.  Rather he called on a statewide “Day of Prayer” to end racial profiling.


Oddly enough, this is exactly why people want the law thrown out, because it protects vigilantes like George Zimmerman to “racially profile” a person without a just cause.  Press play to learn more now and find out what legendary MC has joined the fight.

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