UPDATE: More rumor's with the alleged issues between Diddy and J. Cole after last weeks MTV: VMA's have come out. Some are saying that the scuffle that allegedly broke out between Diddy and J. Cole was out of defense for Kendrick Lamar.

According to Complex, Diddy tried to confront K-Dot over his line on Big Sean's 'Control' freestyle, where he claimed to be the "King of New York."

This is what Complex reported,

1. Diddy was visibly intoxicated.

2. He tried to confront Kendrick over the “King of New York” claim in his “Control” freestyle.

3. Diddy allegedly attempted to pour a drink on Kendrick, and J. Cole intervened.

4. The two started arguing and Cole allegedly put his hands on Diddy, which then led to problems between their respective crews.

5. After a brief scuffle, both crews separated. 

At this point, who know's what happened. Guess that's what happens when you aren't invited, you only get the rumors. Ha!

August 28th: Amid many speculative reports, word was that mega-mogul Diddy and rapper J. Cole got into an altercation at Diddy’s VMA after-party. The alleged incident took place during a rooftop party at The Dream Hotel in NYC. People at the party are saying that Cole and Diddy had an explicit exchange of words, which turned into a shoving match. J. Cole was reportedly escorted out of the building.

There has also been speculation that J. Cole made comments toward Diddy's girlfriend Cassie, that Diddy didn't like. Diddy immediately got angry, and then pushing and shoving ensued as well as a few bottles that ended up on the ground and partygoers were even said to have been knocked over.

Jay Z allegedly yelled at J. Cole and Diddy and told them to stop fighting. and according to other sources, “It was mayhem. Beyoncé was yelling to stop and Jay Z was separating people and getting people away from Bey.”

After things died down Diddy removed himself from the drama and proceeded to welcome people to the event and wish his girlfriend, Cassie, a happy birthday and told guest's, “It’s all cool! Ya’ll keep having fun! It’s no big deal, it’s over.”