Singer Ryan Leslie was in Germany, when his book-sack containing a valuable laptop was stolen.  After offering an award, the computer was returned and now he's refusing to pay-up. 

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A new lawsuit has been filed against R&B singer Ryan Leslie.  The singer is being sued by a businessman who wants a $1.18 million reward, for finding and returning his laptop.  According to the New York Daily News, the man’s name is  Armin Augstein, a German auto shop owner, filed a motion in Manhattan Supreme Court Monday asking judges to order Leslie to pay-up.

The case stems from an incident in Germany in which Ryan Leslie’s backpack was stolen out of his vehicle.  The backpack had his laptop, external hard drive, jewelry and cash in it.  Leslie’s claimed to have a ton on music and unreleased tracks in it and put out a $1 million dollar reward for its return.

Find out why Ryan is refusing to pay Augstine.  Listen to Tha Wire below to get the scoop.


In other news, 2 Chainz is having the worst week ever. First, he gets robbed in San Francisco, then on Tuesday he gets busted for drug possession at LAX.   TMZ is reporting the 35-year-old rapper was arrested after he was caught toting less than an ounce of marijuana in his unchecked luggage. He was also in possession of Promethazine, which is often used in making sizzurp.  Ironically, Deuce was actually in L.A.  shooting a video for “Feds Watching” feat. Pharrell Williams.

Long story short, Chainz was booked on felony narcotics possession and then released.  The day before he was on Twitter to explain the recent robbery, where Chainz said it was a member in his entourage not him that fell vitctium to the crime.  However, there are reports that dispute his claim.  None the less, the rapper also bragged about the high quality of weed he got in San Francisco, tweeting that he and his crew got “geeked up.”

He jumped on Twitter early Wednesday morning reassure his fans that he’s OK.  Listen to Tha Wire below and find out what Deuce had to say.  Plus, learn exactly how Chainz got busted.

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In other news, there’s nothing more tragic than when I child dies at the hands of their parents.  This discussing crime should come with the highest penalty allowed by law.  Sadly, DJ Quik lost his 2-year old grandson to this same senseless violence.

His 21-year old daughter Davieanna Malena Blake and her boyfriend 24-year Darnell Moses Alvarez are currently facing murder charges for the beating death of their child.  The 2-year old child was found dead outside their apartment last month and the couple his in custody.   Personally I hope they lock them up in solitary and throw away the key.

If you know a child is suffering from abuse, please don’t stand by and let this happen….tell authorities immediately.  That child is depending on you.  Listen to Tha Wire and find out what authorities said about why the poor baby died.  Our deepest condolences to DJ Quik and his family.

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