We are getting very close to the Presidential election in Novemeber and sometimes people will stoop to the lowest when it comes down to politics. This young lady in the clip is registering people to vote, but why is it important on who you vote for to decide if she will register you? Take a look at the video below and let me know your thoughts.


Well ladies and gentlemen there you have it, there are some deceiving people out there. Regardless of who you vote for and whatever party you represent, you all have the right to get registered and the right to vote for whom you choose. Make sure to join us this Saturday at our studios 900 North LakeShore Drive beginning at 9 am as we will be registering any and everyone from the age of 18 and up. If this is your first time, then you should definately come through. We will have great refreshments from House Of Soul, Mr. Gattis Pizza, Donalds Donut and CiCi's Pizza. We will also have plenty of giveaways throughout the day and we will be broadcasting live. Make sure you come by this weekend and meet the 107 Jamz staff and let's have fun with a purpose this Saturday!