By now, you may have heard of Sean Ardoin & ZydeKool's zydeco version of the mega-hit "Happy," but Sean is definitely keeping it local in his new video for the song.

While he was adding some local flavor to the song, Sean told us he definitely wanted to show local people from all over Lake Charles.  There are going to be some local celebrity cameos, and probably more than a few people you know -- including 107 JAMZ's own Gina Cook and Erik Tee.  You might even see Mayor Randy Roach and KPLC-TV's Cynthia Arceneaux dancing it up for the camera!

"I'm so excited about this video!" said Sean. "It humbles me that, what feels like, the whole city has come together to help make this video possible.  Mayor Roach, Cynthia Arceneaux, (this year's) Jean Lafitte, and many many more of my Lake Charles family came through to help make it happen! Much love to all of you and Pharrell for making an absolutely phenomenal instrument for the advancement of happiness!"

Even better than all that -- Sean isn't selling the song.  It doesn't appear on any album, because it's a tribute.  He's not out to profit off the song.  You can, however, get a free download by texting "getkool" to 88704.  Your phone's regular texting rates will apply.