Shawty Lo has been all over the news for the past couple of months, mainly for all the hype surrounding his new reality show 'All My Babies Mama's'. 

Shawty Lo-instagram

The show was scheduled to air on Oxygen until the network was hit with staunch criticism and a petition to stop it's production.  Caving under pressure, the network canceled the show, which prompted to Shawty to launch a petition of his own to get the show picked back up. Going from bad to worse, the rapper was arrested last Friday January 18th.  Find out why below with Tha Wire.

President Barack Obama and the First Lady Michelle Obama-Getty Images

In other news, our President Barack Obama is being inaugurated for the second time today!  To catch live coverage of this historic star studded event click here.  In the meantime, not everyone is happy for President Barack Obama.  Rapper Lupe Fiasco had to be escorted off stage for dissing the POTUS at a pre-inaugural concert he was hired to headline.

It's ironic that the organizers choose to even invite Lupe to the event, because the rapper has made it a point to diss the President on more than one occasion. Just last year he call President Obama a "child killer" during a interview with the Complex. Get more details on what happened at this event below with Tha Wire.


In more news, get the scoop on what Ludacris and the NFL's Tim Tebow got in common and much more.  Press play to hear Tha Wire now: