Snoop Dogg recently released his new reggae themed song "La La La" after a bit of name change. Now he's dropped the live/animated video to go with it. Snoop kicks the video off with some questions from a few kids who quickly let 'Uncle Snoop Dogg' know what name they prefer. Check out 'Snoop Lion' in "La La La" with all of it's colorfulness and obscene animated fruit included. 

In my opinion, no other artist can honestly say they have been able to recreate themselves over and over as much as Snoop Dogg has. Excuse me, no one has been able to recreate themselves like "Snoop Lion" has! Regardless of what 'Snoop' decides to change his name to, and how much marijuana he smokes, he will always be the 'Dogg Father' or better known as 'SNOOP DOGGY DOGG'.