Had a wonderful time last night with my winners and 107 Jamz family at the Snoop Dogg show. As a matter of fact everyone had a great time on last night!Snoop came through and really rocked the house, by doing alot of his classics like "Gin and Juice", "Whats My Name" and lots more. He also surprised us with a special treat from the Dogg Pound members Daz, Kurupt and The Lady of Rage. When she hit the stage, the crowd went crazy and you can believe no one expected that. You got to give it up for Uncle Junebug who always rocks the party and keeps it going. If the Snoop Dogg concert is ever coming your way, make sure that you are in the building and I am more then sure you will not be disappointed! Props to the homie Snoop Dogg, keep doing your thing bro!