It's not a joke people.  We all know Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson love weed, so much so, they teamed up with fellow stoner actor/musician Kris Kristofferson to record a new weed anthem!

Willie Nelson and Snoop

The unlikely trio wrote and released "Roll Me Up" in honor of the unofficial weed holiday 4/20.  The song isn't to bad either.  Click this to take a listen.  Meanwhile, press play to hear the story behind the infamous holiday and learn who's album the single could be found on.  Scroll down and press play to hear Tha Wire.

Ray J-getty images

In other entertainment news today, Ray J is being sued by a radio station for giving them the shaft!  He was paid for an appearance and was not only a no-show, but allegedly kept the money!  Get the who, what, when and where on these juicy details.

50 Cent at the 2012 Coachella Music Festival-getty images

In other news, 50 Cent is being sued by the front runner of the legendary Persuaders for sampling one of their songs.  Plus, Rick Ross narrowly escaped a drug bust on his yacht this weekend in Florida.  Get today scoop, skinny, mess and drama now with Tha Wire.  Press play: 

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Tyga's got some pretty loyal fans, but one in particular takes the cake.  21 year-old Alyssa Bloechl decided to show Tyga how much she loves him by spray painting several buildings.   I'm guessing she had a couple of screw's loose, because when authorities caught her in the act she ran off screaming "ten ten ten twenties on ya t*tties, b*tch."

Yah....this is for real.  By the way the graffiti she plastered on several buildings on an unspecified campus read "Rack City B*tch".  She was eventually, stopped, arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.


So last week, we shared a little story about a 21-year-old woman who got arrested for spray-painting Tyga's rhymes all over buildings in her town.  It was a pretty funny story, really (scroll to the bottom).  It's a shame it wasn't true.  That's right -- we got punked.

In the original story we posted last week, 21-year-old Alyssa Alyssa Bloechl showed her stripes for Tyga by plastering several buildings with graffiti and then running from the cops while screaming “ten ten ten twenties on ya t*tties, b*tch," which -- let's face it -- is an awesome story.

Shortly afterwards, though, we discovered it was a hoax. reports that, in fact, Bloechl is a student at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville and she works on the student newspaper there.  Every semester, the paper publishes a "fake news" edition, and this year all the editors had fake arrest stories written about them, kind of like an April Fool's-type joke.

So, while students on campus probably got the joke, the media at large didn't, and soon, the story ended up on websites all over the web -- including and other sites.

So, no, Alyssa Bloechl did not run around singing "Rack City" while tagging the skyline.  Apparently, she and her friends are ... a bit more creative than that.  And that's what we get for trusting the Internet.