If you were home Monday nursing an epic New Year’s Eve hangover,  you may have caught a special Hip-Hop moment in history -- and for that matter in the history of The Price Is Right! My boy Snoop shut it down yesterday, and brought some extra excitement to the legendary game show.After bustin' a Price Is Right-themed freestyle, the Dogg Father helped launch the show's first-ever celebrity/charity week.  Throughout the game show, Snoop happily assisted a handful of contestants in an effort to raise matching funds for his Snoop Football League, which brings fun, discipline and team spirit to at-risk inner city youth.

During the show, Snoop coached one contestant to a big win in Plinko, but the show’s biggest victory was when he helped a woman score a beautiful 65' "Stancky Lancoln" convertible.  Here's some video from the show.  Watch Snoop flex his skillz and knowledge of groceries products for the huge win: