Diddy Is the king of the remix and now he is a self proclaimed Metador. Check out the one and only Diddy in his new commercial as he is promoting his Ciroc Brand

Diddy has been in the music game for well over 15 years and has built a mega empire with the establishment of Bad Boy Records. He has signed artist like Craig Mack, Faith Evans, 112 and of course the one and only Notorious B.I.G. He eventually moved on and established a clothing brand and decided to jump off into the alcohol arena. He debuted the Ciroc brand in 2003 and has made it a household name by being the face of the Ciroc brand.  Check out the video below as you see him in action flying over bulls in the pale moon light!!



There are several different flavors from Coconut, Berry and now the infamous Peach, if you want to really set your party off  then this is most definately the party starter. Who knows you may decide to get your bull flying on in the very near future.