You would think, once a person has "made it" they wouldn't be driving around with no silence and no insurance.  They wouldn't have to do that anymore, because they can afford to do better.   Right?  The last thing on earth a person who's "made it" would do, is drive around with a bunch of drugs and weapons in their vehicle.  Right?  You would think, a person who's "made it" out of the hood or has finances that allow them to afford the finer things in life wouldn't put all that in jeopardy.   Right?   Well, don't look now but another celebrity got themselves caught up in some real trouble yesterday.

Soulja Boy and his boys were pulled over and then arrested yesterday.  The charges are serious and might lead to some jail time.  I got the scoop with Tha Wire, so tune in to find out what happened.  On a brighter note, yesterday he also released his documentary Soulja Boy: The Movie to DVD.

Blues and Soul artist Syl Johnson has been known to go after other artist for sampling his music without permission.  He's gone after the people like Michael Jackson to the Wu-Tang-Clan and even Kid Rock, so Jay-Z and Kanye West are no different.  Mr. Johnson filed suit against the famous duo last Friday, and looking to get paid.  Find what song is at the center of this lawsuit and what famous singer calls him dad.

Rappers like Talib Kweli and Big K.R.I.T. team up with the American Cancer Society to make some "Beautiful" music and money for cancer victims.

Press play now for all the details.  Here's Tha Wire: