Soulja Boy was involved in a fender bender back in June and now he's dealing with the aftermath....lawsuits.

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Initially, Soulja Boy denied being in an accident at all, then he later admitted to it.  Story goes the accident involved Soulja Boy and two other others.  The driver of the other vehicle was pregnant and had a passenger in the vehicle.  Why he made this video, I'll never know but here is Soulja Boy and his friends talking about the accident on Youtube.  PARENTS PLEASE EXERCISE CAUTION, THE FOLLOWING VIDEO HAS EXPLICIT LANGUAGE.

What Soulaj Boy accomplished by doing the video, I don't know.  Other than smoke weed for the world to see and demonstrate he doesn't know how to pull his pants up, I guess he felt is was necessary to tell the world his side of the story.  He's bit hit with two lawsuits in 7 days, one them because of the youtube video.  By the way I got more news on this with The Wire below.

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In other news, Wiz Khalifa may be in a little trouble with the LAPD.  According to reports he was involved in a hit-and-run.  The alleged hit-and-run happened last Wednesday after a video shoot.  For more details, listen to Tha Wire.

Finally, French Montana's had several hit records, but when is he ever going to drop his debut album?  It has taken forever for fans to get their hands on the highly anticipated CD.  Press play to get more details.  Listen to Tha Wire now, and stay in the know: