For those like myself who is in love with Michael Jackson and all of his accomplishments, get ready for a documentary out of this world from acclaimed movie director Spike Lee.

This is not Spike Lees first time working with Michael Jackson, below you'll see them together in the music video for "They Don't Care About Us". Spike has a long relationship with Michael and the Jacksons family, so it only made since that they would select Spike to take the lead on this documentary about the legendary pop icon Michael Jackson, based off the "BAD" album.

“We have footage in this documentary that no one’s ever seen, stuff that Michael shot himself, behind-the-scenes stuff,” he said Monday. “We had complete access to the vaults of Michael Jackson. ... He wrote 60 demos for the ‘Bad’ record. Only 11 made it. So we got to hear a lot of that stuff, too, so it was just a great experience.”

He added: “You don’t have to be a Michael Jackson-head to enjoy this.”

Lee’s documentary, which does not yet have a title, will be part of a flood of material to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the “Bad” album, Jackson’s follow-up to “Thriller” that included hits “Smooth Criminal,” ‘‘The Way You Make Me Feel” and more.

The album is being re-released Sept. 18 with additional tracks, a DVD and other bonus material .

Besides Jackson’s artistry, Lee said the documentary will show a more personal side of the late legend.

“He had a great sense of humor, and he was funny — so you’ll see a lot of that stuff,” he said.

Lee interviewed people ranging from Kanye West to Mariah Carey to L.A. Reid to Sheryl Crow, who was Jackson’s background singer on the “Bad” tour.

“This year we’re going to focus on the ‘Bad’ album, we’re going to focus on the 25th anniversary, but at the same time we’re going to play his full catalog, including the Jackson 5 and the Jacksons,” he said. “It’s going to be even bigger and better this year.”


Get ready for this as this will be something to look forward to and I am truly excited to see something like this from Michael and Spike as well. I will keep you updated on more information as I get it here.


Michael Jackson "They Don't Care About Us":


Michael Jackson "Remember The Time"