God knows it's hard not to over-eat during the holidays.  It's especially hard when your trying to cut back and lose weight. 


We have two big holidays back to back at the end of the year.  One down and one to go.  If you fell off the wagon, it's time to get back on.  Don't give into the temptation to over eat or indulge in all the sweets.  If you stayed the course, good for you.  Stay focused.

Remember why you started working out or trying to lose weight in the first place.  Don't fall back into your old routine.  Grab the reigns and stay the course of getting fit and losing unwanted pounds.  Here's this weeks encouragement.

Sharmita Rideau

To start your journey to better health, join Sharmita at the Power Center Gym behind Super Walmart  Monday and Thursday at 6:30pm and Saturday at 8:30am.  Pryce Miller Center on Hwy. 90 Tuesday at 5:30pm.  Drew Park Tuesday and Thursday at 9am and 4pm. For more info call Sharmita at 409-383-3249 or go to lifefitfree@gmail.com or even www.lifefitfree.org.