The first Hip-Hop group to land on the radio, the Sugarhill Gang is still around and still getting their props.  Their groundbreaking hit "Rappers Delight" is getting some serious recognition from some people in high places.

The song will forever be enshrined in the Library of Congress after this week!  It's pretty cool actually.  Hip-Hop gets a bad wrap sometimes, but there's no denying what it's done for the world and how much power it has in today's culture.

By the way, Rappers Delight will be joined by other Hip-Hop recordings by artists like 2Pac and De La Soul.  Also being honored are Donna Summer's "I Feel Love" and Prince's "Purple Rain".  Library officials announced that 25 sound recordings will be included in all.

In light of this great honor, here's a look back at the classic being performed by the legendary group.