As promised, rapper/singer/actor  T-Pain has officially given up the very thing that made him famous, " the auto-tune."  Pain has his own thing now.  It's called the T-Pain Effect, his own rendition of the auto-tune with a twist.  Best of all, it's now available to the public to purchase.T-Peezy explained in a recent interview why he gave up the auto-tune saying, "You can't stick with one thing forever.  After you figure out how stuff works, you've got to start making your own."  And that's exactly what he did!

Roger Troutman of Zapp discovered and made the auto-tune famous.  Following in Roger's footsteps, Pain decided to market his own.  The T-Pain Effect is a joint venture between Pain and Boston based iZotope and on sale now.

Now fans and artists on-the-come-up can sing, rap and sound just like T-Pain.  The T-Pain Effect retails for about $99.00 dollars, and gives users access to Pain's "whole vocal chain" of effects, plus 50 beats and a complete line of recording and distribution software.

Listen up to see if you hear a difference in his sound when his new album "rEVOLVr" hits stores later this year.