American Idol

Joshua Ledet Needs Your Vote!
Every Wednesday, the entire community of Westlake and the surrounding cities here in Louisiana rally behind our own Joshua Ledet.  Everyone is so proud of him. That being said we invite you to stop by the Multipurpose building in Westlake on Sampson Street at 5:30pm for a viewing party for Josh…
Joshua Ledet Performs Tonight! Remember, He Needs Our Vote!
I shouldn't have to remind you by now, BUT I'M GONNA DO IT ANYWAY!  Watch and vote for Joshua Ledet tonight on American Idol.  It is incredible to think that he has climbed his way up from being one of America's hopefuls into the elite performers on American Idol.
Idol Tells Jermaine To “Kick Rocks”- Tha Wire [VIDEO]
Let's start with the good news, Joshua Ledet.  That's all I gonna say.  The bad news, Idol disqualified Jermaine Jones.  They didn't just kick him off, they put him on blast!  Question, did it have to go down like that?   You be the judge.  Here&apos…

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