Blue Ivy Carter

Let Beyonce “Dance For You” In Her New Video [Video]
Beyonce knows how to get the party poppin and just the right way to calm the party down. This video is actually about 8 months old, but they are just deciding to release this song to the radio, so check out the new/old video. You may need a nap after you watch it....LOL!
Is Beyonce Pregnant Again? –Tha Wire
That's the 50 million dollar question floating around the internet these days.  One things for sure, if she is, Beyonce and Jay-Z will make that announcement when they get good and ready.  However,
Bey & Jay Release Family Photo’s!
JAY-Z and Beyonce make it official and have posted photos of baby Blue Ivy for the first time.  The photos of baby Blue Ivy were posted on the social networking site Tumblr.  No worries, I have ALL of them right here!
Look Who’s Talking! [Parody Video]
I'm a pretty silly guy, and I'm always on a quest to find the funniest videos! I came across a pretty funny parody of Beyonce & Jay Z's new baby girl Blue Ivy that should make you chuckle a bit, I know I did!
Brandy And Monica Back Together After 14 Years –Tha Wire
It was 1998 when the hit single "The Boy Is Mine" came out.  It was a mega hit for both Brandy and Monica who at the time where both at the height of their careers.  Monica has her seventh studio album "New Life" being released sometime this spring, whil…
Beyonce Gives Birth To Baby Girl!!! [VIDEO]
It's officiall, Bey is a mommy!  Congratulations to the Carter's who welcomed their brand new baby girl, Blue Ivy Carter late Saturday night!  E! Online reports that multiple sources have confirmed that the couple welcomed their first child Saturday night.