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DMX Seeks Advice From Dr. Phil — Tha Wire [VIDEO]
It's no secret, life growing up for DMX was anything but stable and his relationship with his mother has scared him forever.  X has disused his difficult childhood on many occasions, from VH1’s Behind The Music to various interviews throughout his career.  Now he'…
Beyonce’s Ex-Boyfriend Speaks Out
After more than 10 years, Beyonce's ex-boyfriend is looking to get his 15 minutes of fame. Bey's ex love is speaking out and telling anyone who'll listen what is was like dating the former Destiny's Child.
Hey there www.107Jamz.com viewers! I know you guys want juicy details on what is happening in the city or industry, but I want you to check out a video of a Deejay mixing and scratching on the turntables. I'm a huge fan of turntablism. I love to see tricks...
Sean Kingston Accused Of Gang Rape — Tha Wire [VIDEO]
At the height of his career, in 2010 singer/rapper Sean Kingston and some of his associates were accused of sexually assaulting a woman in a Seattle hotel room.  Now the accuser has come back for a second round and in addition filed a $5 million dollar lawsuit.

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