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Shawty Lo Hospitalized! –Tha Wire [VIDEO]
In a story that hit the news yesterday, 35 year rapper Shawty Lo was hospitalized on Wednesday.  Details are kinda sketchy, but according to report he a serious diabetic episode.  His manager confirmed the report saying simply the needed to "seek immediate medical attention&qu…
Today In Tha Wire
Estelle has a bangin new single entitled "Break My Heart."  Her new hit single feature Hip-Hop's B-O double S Rick Ross and makin it's presence known on the charts.  The track is the lead off single of Estelle's' up coming album "All Of Me&…
Halle Berry’s ex engaged to Prince’s ex?
Who says the second time around won't be a charm. In this case they are both getting second chances at love. One is the former husband of cinemas most known female actresses, and the other is the wife of one of the most famous pop stars around