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Videos They Don’t Want You To See [VIDEOS]
So you're getting over the holiday and you need a little laugh to help you make it to the weekend. Well I got something for you here and you can thank me later.
The one with the girl hitting the refrigerator was most definately the funniest one out of the bunch...
Cooking With Kool C? Pt. 1 (K.R.A.V.E) [VIDEO]
I hang with a cast of characters when it comes to K.R.A.V.E., so I figured I'd share the latest video from one of my brothers Kool C, follow him on Twitter @KoolCreation & KoolCtv on Here's his latest video on how to make the proper bologna sandwich... ...
Look Who’s Talking! [Parody Video]
I'm a pretty silly guy, and I'm always on a quest to find the funniest videos! I came across a pretty funny parody of Beyonce & Jay Z's new baby girl Blue Ivy that should make you chuckle a bit, I know I did!