Spring Time — Sharmita Rideau Health Minute
The early bird catches the worm and in this case the early bird loses the weight.  The weather is the best now in the morning.  So why not wake up and hour early and start your day with some much needed exercise.
Deletion- Sharmita Rideau Health Minute
Delete, delete, delete!  Don't be afraid to let things go, so you can move forward.  Living in your freedom is where you should want to be and excelling is what you should want to do.  This action shows that you love yourself.
Love Yourself-Sharmita Rideau Health Minute
Loving yourself helps your mind, body and soul.  If love is not in your own heart for yourself, how can you love others?  Telling yourself this daily will give you confidence, improve self esteem and help keep you focused on the value of life.
No More Heaviness- Sharmita Health Minute
Are you unhappy?  If so, it could be directly effecting your weight.  If your ingesting unhealthy things in your life, then you will ingest unhealthy foods in your body.  Health is not just about your body, it also includes your mind.
Change For The Better-Sharmitta Rideau Health Minute
Change is always difficult, especially when it comes to exercising or how you eat.  Be encouraged though, because most of the time change is the best thing that could ever happen to you as well.  Start each day with a positive attitude.  That's a good start.

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