Obama Care Passed In Congress Today [Video]
Well whether you have been following this for since its formation from President Barack Obama, then you know how on the fence people have been about Obama Care and today as the bill sit in congress, the word came out on the status of the issue.
Spring Time — Sharmita Rideau Health Minute
The early bird catches the worm and in this case the early bird loses the weight.  The weather is the best now in the morning.  So why not wake up and hour early and start your day with some much needed exercise.
Man Robs Bank For $1 To Get Prison Healthcare [VIDEO]
Last week, James Verone walked into an RBC bank –sans gun – with a robbery plan. However, unlike most bank robbers, his plan did not involve walking out with loads of cash.
Instead, the 59-year-old North Carolina man actually wanted to be arrested so he’d have access …