Hot Boys

20 of the Best Hot Boys Songs
With recent talk of some of the members eyeing a reunion, XXL takes a trip down memory lane and pick the 20 best songs from the Hot Boys' extensive catalog.
Juvenile Has Another Hit And It’s Not On The Charts [NSFW Video]
A few weeks ago we saw former Cash Money Hotboy BG sentenced to jail on gun charges to the point of having to serve possibly 14 years and Juvenile came to his aid to give his opinion on the matter. Well fastforward to a week or so later Juvenile is having a little trouble from an altercation in a Mi…
Rapper BG Is Looking At 40 Years On Gun Charges [VIDEOS]
Man it seems when it rains, it pours. Former Hot Boy BG is going to be going away for a very long time. It's sad since from the beginning, he had been dealing with demons that seem hard to overcome. Unfortunately there is another demon that he is soon to face!