Inmate Jumps to Safety To Keep From Being Shanked [VIDEO]
Although a life of crime is not the way to go, some would think if you are lucky enough to live through it and possibly get jail time things would change. Unfortunately by the look of this video, there are still some guys who are the same inside as they were on the outside. Check out the video below…
Rapper BG Is Looking At 40 Years On Gun Charges [VIDEOS]
Man it seems when it rains, it pours. Former Hot Boy BG is going to be going away for a very long time. It's sad since from the beginning, he had been dealing with demons that seem hard to overcome. Unfortunately there is another demon that he is soon to face!
The Spotlight Seems To Be On Gucci Mane Once Again![VIDEO]
There is usually a lesson to be learned when an individual gets in trouble. In most cases, normal people don't make the same mistake twice, well in the case of Gucci Mane, you can throw the rules out the window. There seems to be jail in the future as Gucci Mane is headed back to the slammer fo…
Man Robs Bank For $1 To Get Prison Healthcare [VIDEO]
Last week, James Verone walked into an RBC bank –sans gun – with a robbery plan. However, unlike most bank robbers, his plan did not involve walking out with loads of cash.
Instead, the 59-year-old North Carolina man actually wanted to be arrested so he’d have access …
T.I And Tiny Were Caught Putting On A Show In Jail
There are Just some things that you probably shouldn't do when you are behind bars. Unforutnately for TIP aka T.I. he is the king on the charts, but when in custody there are just some things that you are not suppose to be caught doing. Maybe those personal visits should be put on hold until af…
Gucci Mane Done Did It Again!
Can Gucci Please Get it together? Well the word on the street is out as a Superior Court judge has ordered that Gucci Mane be sent to prison for a year, for violating the terms of his probation during an altercation in November of 2010.