Lake Charles

You Suck At Parking
We all know someone who is in dire need of an education when it comes to coloring inside the lines with their vehicle. We have just the thing for that.
Ghostwriter Wanted
Watch me try to get a gig from a sketchy online job posting by writing a (hilariously awful) self-help article teaching people how to teach puppies to stay.
Lake Charles Fire Dept. To Flush Hydrants July 6
The City of Lake Charles wants area citizens to know the Lake Charles Fire Department (LCFD) will soon be conducting their semi-annual water hydrant tests in Ward 3 (District 2,) beginning July 6 through August 6.  What does this mean for folks living and working in this area...
The Lake Charles Doughnut
No, Lake Charles isn't literally a doughnut. It's just a metaphor. A delicious, fatty pastry metaphor for economic development. Or the lack thereof.

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