Burger King Dresses As Mcdonalds For Halloween Stunt [VIDEO]
Being in radio the one thing I know about is wars. We all have them when it comes to my business. Every now and then we have to show the competition who is the boss when it comes to what we do. The war between hamburgers has always been between Mcdonalds and Burger King...
Find Out How McNuggets Are Really Made [VIDEO]
The question of what's inside of a McDonalds Chicken McNugget has been a debate for several years. McDonalds Canada stepped up to hush the skeptics who say the legendary finger food is made of 'pink goop,' better known as pink slime.
Just Can’t Keep His Hands Off Those Mcdonald Fries!!!{Video}
So I just got off vacation and I am already back on the grind. Of course when I am on vacation, I usually eat, spend time with family and catch up on a few things on television. Well one particular thing really caught my eye and that has to be of this idiot who not only broke into a Mcdonalds store,…