Michael Jackson

The Jackson Family Fued [VIDEO]
What's going on?  The 82 year old matriarch of the Jackson family, Katherine Jackson was reported missing over the weekend but later found to be with her daughter Rebbie and other relatives in Arizona.  Question is, is she there because that's were she wants to be?  Or is sh…
Mystikal Begins His 81 Days –Tha Wire
Yesterday Mystikal turned himself in and began his 81 days for violating his probation.  As most people know, he was locked up for 6 years and at first it looked like his career was pretty much over.
The Jacksons Are Uniting For A New Tour For 2012 [Video]
Believe it or not The Jacksons are going on tour again. Unfortunately this time without their brother Michael, but this is also the first time on tour together since 1984's "Victory Tour"! Here is more information on the tour dates coming to a city actually pretty close to us …

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