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TGT Drops A New Video From Their Upcoming Album [VIDEO]
When I first heard that Ginuwine, Tank and Tyrese were getting together to form a new supergroup. I have to admit I was like alot of people in thinking it had been done before. But man I have to admit these guys coming together was the ingredient that was missing in the R&B world right now. They…
Whatever Happened To Former Bad Boy Rapper Craig Mack
It's been years since Craig Mack has been on the music scene and alot of folks are wondering whatever happened to his career. Well apparently he has seriously converted to religion and some folks are saying a cult. Check out the video below of his leader and see for yourself!
Busta Rhymes Announces New Album Title On Twitter [NSFW , VIDEO]
One of my favorite artist from being animated to actually dropping some hot songs is Busta Rhymes. He has returned to the scene and has linked up with the guys with Cash Money. Fans are anticipating new music and on twitter, he decided to let the cat out of the bag with his new album that's com…

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