President of the United States

Will President Barack Obama Get A Second Term?
With the Republicans dominating the news these days because of the upcoming primaries, does President Obama have a chance of being re-elected?  Do you think President Barack Obama will get a second term?
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President Obamas State Of The Union Address 2012 [Video]
The entire world has been talking about the State of The Union Address from Yesterday, where our Commander In Chief spoke on the positives and the negatives of the world. Just in case you missed out and have a little time, take a look and let us know your comments!
President Obama May Not Consider Running For A Second Term!
There is a possibility that we may have to consider a new person in the Presidential Seat. With Current President Barack Obama being a heavily devoted family man, if he had to make a decision over running the country and running his family. I think the family choice will win hands down.