Swim Safe This Summer At SWLA Pools [VIDEO]
If you and your family haven't already gone for a swim this year, it probably won't be long. Temperatures are certainly conducive to a day in the pool. It's important, though, to remember water safety.
10 Tips For Surviving Winter Weather In SWLA
I've lived in SWLA my whole life, and can count on one hand the number of times I've seen snow, ice-sickles, and other wintry weather wonders. Winter in SWLA usually means that during any given week you'll have 5 cold days, 1 really cold day, and 1 day warm enough to wear shorts and a…
Sirens Wail In Downtown Lake Charles Sunday Evening – Why?
At approximately 9PM Sunday evening, January 26, a loud warbling high-low siren could be heard throughout downtown Lake Charles.
Reports came in that the siren was coming from the Lake Charles post of the National Guard on 3rd Avenue.
Reports from OEP say that the siren was the CAER alarm (Community A…
Saints Sign New Safety
The Saints need three more wins to get their second Superbowl ring. Those wins will have to come against the NFL's best teams and will require a stout defense. There is still no word on whether Keenan Lewis will be a part of that defense. The Saints did however sign another safety to the roster…