107 Jamz Celebrates Black History- Today In History
Today, we solute shoe making machine inventor Jan Ernst Matzeliger.  Jan was born in Paramaribo, a trading post started by the Dutch, the capital and largest city of Suriname.  His father was a Dutch engineer and his mother a black Surinamese slave.
Flava Flav Speaks Out On Daughters Arrest — Tha Wire
We all bad family moments, unfortunately for super stars, their dirty laundry is aired out on national television.  Flava Flav is the latest celeb to find himself in the news behind a little family drama.  His daughter was arrested this past weekend after a family dispute got outta hand.
Lake Charles Man Reinvents Glow-In-The-Dark Club Wear [VIDEO, PHOTOS]
So D.J. K is out in the clubs one night, and he starts to see flashes of light coming from the floor. He wonders, “Did someone slip me something,” and then he realizes – NO! That guy’s shoes have lights on them … and they’re beating in time with the music!
Curious kitten that he his, D.J. K just had…