Win Cash

Tune In Thursday For More Chances To Win Cash
Tomorrow is your final time for the week before you have a chance to win $250 on Friday by knowing all 4 songs from the week. Make sure you are tuned in at the times below to hear the Cashing Out Secret Jamz of the day.
Your Chance At More Cash, Begins Tomorrow [Photos]
Well one week down and the journey to cash continues on Tomorrow. You will have a chance to win $250.00 in the Cashing Out Secret Jamz contest. Keep track of all 4 songs starting with Tuesday and you will have a chance to win cash money!
Listen To 107 Jamz For Your Chance To Win Cash Starting Today
107 Jamz Is Always Doing Big Things and they continue as we are giving you more chances to "Win Cash" and when I say more that is exactly what I mean. We are giving you two chances every weekday to listen for the cue to call and be the 25th Nationwide caller at 1-877-854-9467 and y…
Anybody Want To Play For $10,000 in Cash? [AUDIO]
Anyone? Anyone?
Does anyone out there want the opportunity to win up to $10,000 simply by listening to 107 JAMZ and calling a telephone number? OR by simply being a member of the 107 JAMZ VIP Club? Are you sure? ‘Cause $10,000 is a lot of responsibility, you know. We wouldn&CloseCurlyQuote…