Young Jeezy

My President Gets 4 More Years [Video]
Well the votes are in and as predicted 4 years ago, President Barack Obama will be in the White House for 4 more years and I remember the first time I heard this song from Young Jeezy. It meant alot 4 years ago and it means even more on today. So take a few minutes and reflect on what the past 4 yea…
Katt Williams Bombs In Concert [Explicit Video]
Katt Williams is a comedian who I have loved from the beginning and have truly been following his career from the beginning, but the way that he has been acting lately from starting an altercation with Young Jeezy to pulling a gun to fellow comedian Faizon Love has got me wondering whats really goin…
Gucci Mane Disses Yung Joc– Joc Responds [Explicit Video]
Well since Gucci Mane has dropped the mixtape Trap God, there has been alot of talk about Gucci and alot of the artist that he has been dissing lately. Needless to say he has always had issues with Young Jeezy and now he has pulled out the punches on Yung Joc, Former Music Ceo Block and also TI.
107 JAMZ Playlist — February 2012 Top Songs
Not only the same guy at No. 1, but even for the same song! Wale keeps rollin' with "Lotus Flower Bomb" topping the charts for the second straight month here at 107 JAMZ! Neither Drake (at No. 2 with "Make Me Proud") nor Young Jeezy (at No. 3 with "I Do") could d…

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