Stop the press!  Tamar Braxton is having a  Hello!  I couldn't be happier for Ta-Ta and her loving husband Vince.


Who knew?  They had been talking about it for a while on both their shows, Braxton Family Values and Tamar and Vince, however it's still a surprise.  Here's how she dropped the bomb!  Appearing with her sisters, on "Good Morning America." Yesterday morning ,Tamar Braxton revealed that not only was she pregnant, but she’s "almost there."


Get more details surrounding tonight's premiere and when Tamar and Vince are coming back with their spin-off.  All the details are inside Tha Wire below.  In other news, last October DJ Paul of Three Six Mafia was arrested in New York City for a misdemeanor weapons charge. The MC was initially stopped by police for carrying an open Corona beer in public and upon being questioned, he told the officers that he had a concealed taser.  However, he was unaware that carrying a taser was illegal. Paul told TMZ , “I honestly didn’t know it was illegal. I thought it was at the same level as pepper spray. My bodyguard wasn’t around and I was by myself in NYC and anything can happen in the late hours down there.”


Get the scoop on how that played out for the MC below with Tha Wire.  Meanwhile, rapper M.I.A. will be calling Brooklyn home for herself and her son a little bit longer if she wants to stay with her son. The rapper was threatening to bring her four year-old son, back to her homeland of England, but the father of the child was ain't having none of it.

Find out who he is and what he did to make sure M.I.A. keeps his son in the country.  I got all of today's juicy details here with Tha Wire.  Press play now to get the scoop: