Whats up Peeps? Well you know I always try to keep you up to speed with whats going on in the entertainment world and well here's something new for you to check out. There is a brand new movie that will be hitting the theatre or stores pretty soon and guess who is one of the leading men in the movie.Since the reality show has just finished season two and the football career is working out that well. It seems that former football star Terrell Owens is taking his stab at acting with a new movie entitled "Dysfuntional Friends". This seems from the trailer to be filled with a little drama, comedy and possibly suspense. There is no official release date as of yet, but it seems to be tentatively scheduled to drop in 2012.



From looking at the trailer, one thing I couldn't get enough of was Actress Stacy Dash, now the fellas well hey they are trying (LOL)! It's not going to be the best movie out there and the acting could be a little better, I will support it. I usually give every movie at least once before I truly shoot it down. As soon as I get a release date or more information on the movie, I will let you know!! Check out the trailer for the movie and see what you think about it below!!




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