Alright guys for the past two months and a few weeks, I have been doing physical therapy at Lake Charles Memorial. While I totally understand the need for it, it was a little time consuming and honestly a pretty grueling workout!

Erik Tee

I was diagonosed with something in simpler terms called having a rolling ankle. I have really been dealing with this for the majority of my life. It obviously is caused by added pressure on the joints that eventually become weak. This can be attributed to excess weight, lack of activity of other issues that we may deal with. Well after years of walking and having my ankle roll from under me, I decided to take the initiative and find out what was up. This was back in January when the doctor recommended Physical Therapy and twice a week I started sessions with my physical therapist Blakelee Soileau. It was a little trying at first doing simple things like squats, lunges and standing for a brief time on on leg and other rather strenous task. It was tough for me, because honestly alot of this I had never done before. Well I am happy to say that after two months and some change, today I got my walking papers. I will still do a few exercises at home to try to keep my ankle strong and regulated, but for the most part the weekly sessions are over. I have to give major thanks to Blakelee and the entire staff at Lake Charles Memorial Physical Rehabilitation unit for simply being nice and patient with me during this time. While most people don't want to have to go, if you do catch yourself in this predicament. I highly recommend  the crew at Lake Charles Memorial on their professionalism and great service!